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No one wants to be a Bad neighbor, and yet, often we do things that offend and irritate others who live around us.
The covenants were created to help people learn how to respect their neighbors, and their own property. They are designed to be a "how-to" for maintaining your property values, and the quality of life for you and your neighbors. 


While few of us have time to read through the entire covenant, our HOA Board has provided a list of the top items that appear to be the biggest issues in our neighborhood.  Please read through them and make every effort to change any behavior that is in conflict with these items, and therefore, with your neighbors.  Thank you.

  • Never allow your pet, dog or cat, to invade another neighbor's property, for any reason, especially for the purpose of using the yard as a bathroom.  You should never allow your dog(s) to bark constantly to the point that they disturb your neighbors. Here's an excerpt from the Gwinnett web site on this:

How do I file a complaint about barking dogs or loose animals?
Call 770.339.3200 (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm) to start the complaint process.

What constitutes a barking dog?
Continued and repeated barking that disturbs the peace of a neighborhood is a violation. Of course, we recognize that dogs will bark when they see something or someone, and we do look for a cause of the barking. Gwinnett County law addresses barking dogs in the Nuisance section (Ordinance Section 10-33) as any "animal which excessively makes disturbing noises including, but not limited to, continued and repeated howling, barking, disturbance or discomfort to neighbors or others in close proximity to the premises where the animal is kept."

  • Never allow your children to wander onto a neighbor's property without permission, or to use their driveway without permission.
  • Never allow your trash to be blown onto a neighbor's yard, or into the street.  Secure your trash and recyclables against windy days.  Home owners are responsible for removing their waste can and recycling bins from the roadside the same day that the trash has been removed. All waste cans and recycling bins must be stored out of site from the front of the house and from the road.
  • All newspapers delivered to any home should be picked up from in front of the home the day that they are delivered.
  • If you don't want the Gwinnett Daily Post delivered you can call the Daily Post at 770-963-9205 to cancel delivery.
  • Also, if you don't want the Thursday advertisement paper that Atlanta Journal delivers, you can call them at 1-800-933-9771 to discontinue that weekly paper that often ends up in the drainage ditches.
  • If you have more cars than you have room to park in your garage, or driveway, you may be in violation of the county's occupancy limitations. See Gwinnett's Online Municipal Codes for more information.
  • Vehicles shall be parked only in appropriate parking spaces or designated areas. No on-street parking, other than in connection with special events approved by the board of Directors, shall be permitted in the community. All parking shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the board may adopt. Each minute your car is on the street, significantly increases the risk of danger to children playing around the cars. Don't put your personal comfort above the safety of others.
  • No trailers, boats, company vehicles, etc., are allowed to be parked in driveways or on the property at any time other than in the garage and out of sight.
  • No artificial vegetation of any sort is allowed in the yards or around mailboxes.
  • No trees over a 3" diameter can be removed without written permission from the ARC.
  • If you're painting your home, any exterior color change must be approved by the ARC before the work is done.
  • Always mow, trim and provide weed control for you yard. Your weeds can and will pollute other lawns around you, so if you neglect this service, you are actually damaging your neighbors' lawns too.  Weed-filled lawns reflect a lack of pride in your lawn, and in your house and will result in lower property values for you and for your neighbors.
  • All home owners must adhere to the County water restrictions and as a friendly reminder the fines for violating these restrictions could be a $500.00 fine the first time and if another violation is levied against the home your water could be shut off by the county water department.
  • You are responsible for keeping your mailbox-post painted, in good shape, firmly mounted in the ground and in an upright position.
  • Donít allow your children to put or leave any toys in the street, such as skateboard ramps or rails, balls/bats, etc. The streets should be kept clear at all times.
    You are also responsible for keeping all of your children's  toys, bikes, slide rails etc., removed from the front yard on a daily basis and should never allow them to be left over night or for days (much less weeks) at a time.
  • Never blow or leave your lawn clippings into the street.  This will result in the polluting of the Suwanee creek and other natural resources, and could kill the wildlife in those areas through contaminated water run-off.  Blow your clippings onto your grass when youíre done.  Donít leave them in the street and donít blow them down to your neighbors yard.
  • Abide by the covenants.  Even if you do something, or build something that other residents donít see, do it legally, and by the book.  Otherwise, you will be threatening the value of  your property and the value of your neighborsí property when the sub-standard, or non-approved work is discovered.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Martin's Farm HOA Board


 This page last updated on 18Dec2020